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Silvelox Entrance and Garage Doors

Silvelox timber doors

The state of the art Silvelox timber garage door is set apart from any other timber up and over garage door. However clever the descriptions applied to these doors are, they can never truly portray the dominance Silvelox garage doors possess in the garage door market.

The aesthetic properties of Silvelox garage doors are second to none. The back of the door is finished to the same high standards as the front, the electric operation is housed within the head rail, there are no tracks in the garage – everything about Silvelox is just so neat. There are front doors to match all styles of garage doors.

Door Construction

The 80 mm thick composite panels comprise of hardwood facings, insulation material and steel reinforcement. The doors are supplied as standard with a steel frame and matching frame cover profiles.

Security features

Security Securlap Safety

Silvelox garage doors can certainly lay a claim to be the most secure garage door currently available. When electrically operated the Secure doors have combi/blockmatic automation – as well as providing remote control opening and closing of the door it power drives 2 reinforced steel bolts vertically through the head rail of the door when in the closed position. Even when the door does not have remote control operation the bolts can still be activated manually.

If an even greater level of security is required theSecur Plusdoor has dead bolts that wind out from the door and lock into solid sections of the door frame. Classified in Italy (the country of manufacture) as class 3 burglar resistant they satisfy the European specification EN1627.

There are no glazing options with theSecur PlusSilvelox Garage Door.

Door operation

Movement of securlap

When open the Silvelox garage door retracts virtually all of the way back (save around 300mm) into the garage – when actually opening and closing the out swing is absolutely minimal unlike all other up and over doors.

There is actually a version that has no out swing whatsoever, however the arc is pronounced and the panel has to drop quite low in the garage during the opening and closing motion.

Pedestrian door

Securlap door with pedestrian access Inside Securlap door with pedestrian access

A fantastically unique feature of Silvelox garage doors is the fact that you can ALWAYS incorporate a pedestrian door within the garage door regardless of the size of the garage door or the pattern. The pedestrian door can be remotely unlocked and hydraulically closed (assuming the garage door is electrically operated of course).

Style and patterns

Securlap Duo Securlap Slot Securlap SPI Securlap TAU

Exactly as you would expect from Italian chic, the patterns offered are a combination of, individual, unusual, pretty, stunning, curious and downright gorgeous! If there were no other reasons to choose a Silvelox garage door (which of course there are, in abundance) then the designs alone would be enough. There is also the bespoke route – Silvelox will personalise a door to every last detail.

Timber types and finishes

Wood types include okoume, Northern spruce, oak , meranti, chestnut, teak, Douglas fir and walnut.

All of the doors (garage and entrance doors) are fully finished with a choice from 7 standard timber effects, 6 RAL colours in the open or closed pore types of finish.

Douglas Oak Cherry Mahogany

Quite simply a Silvelox garage door epitomises what the word quality really means.

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