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Aluminium Round the Corner Door - Single Size

Aluminium Round the Corner Door - Single Size

Aluminium Round the Corner Door - Single Size





Electric Operation:



Single Width Insulated Round the Corner Door

Prices Range:

£4,600 - £5,900

Round the corner sliding garage doors seem to be a very niche product indeed to many people, but they are a very practical solution for a lot of garages.

They will slide across sideways and open internally down one of the garage walls (or both if bi parting) and offer full width and height for your drive through dimensions if you have sufficient internal space. They require minimum headroom and are very quiet in their operation as well as offering partial opening for pedestrian access in and out.

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Single Width Insulated Round the Corner Door

Single Width Insulated Round the Corner Door

A round the corner garage door has an effortless operation and as a door will last a very long time indeed without the stresses and strains of a roller or up and over door mechanism.

A lot of people say they don’t want to lose one wall in the garage but we have found that those with this type of door appreciate the fact it makes you keep your garage tidy and clean.

We have seen customers add a false wall where the sliding door curtain disappears behind, so this is an option if you really cannot do without one wall in your garage.

Every round the corner garage door we offer is made to measure to the millimetre and this type of door will only ever fit behind the garage opening as it requires a minimum of 130mm to one side and 55mm on the other for the curve of the track and the profile to receive the curtain of the door when closing.

Minimum headroom is required and the bottom track is surface mounted to the floor offering a weather bar as well as the guide for the bottom of the door.


 Expect to pay between £4,600 and £5,900 incl. VAT installed for a one off installation with a choice of finished colours on double skinned aluminium slats. The doors are always remote control electric operated as standard with 2 hand held remote handsets. There is an internal manual release in case of a power failure to enable manual operation.

The doors are all made to measure as standard for a perfect fit. A level floor is fairly essential although there is some tolerance with this particular type of RTC door unlike others with no tolerance at all.

We have been selling round the corner garage doors for over 30 years now and pretty much every door is still fully operational because of their stress free operation and high quality build.

The single width size is generally between about 2.2m and 2.6m on a standard UK size double width garage. These doors are made to measure as standard on the width and the height with a standard height being around 2.2m in the UK.




For this price example we are using one of the standard 9 solid paint colour options available.

The aluminium slats used in this door are a prefinished factory painted product with excellent durability in all weathers. Coastal areas with high salt content in the air might not be the best but this is the same for any steel or aluminium product in that environment.

There are several woodgrain laminate foil options also available at a small surcharge along with options to match specific special colour ranges and also a wider range of Renolit laminate foil finishes. You certainly will find a colour to work within the range offered.


There is no handle set on any round the corner door of this type and the entire curtain is held closed and solid by the internal electric motor drive system.

Whilst there is no specific security rating for this door it is a very good secure door type because of the basic design and mechanics.


With the standard electric operator option all you have to do is press a button either on one of the 2 hand transmitters supplied or the wall mounted control station which sits inside your garage with a built in courtesy light also built in. If there is a power cut then you have to enter the garage by another door and release the motor drive to operate the door manually which will be quite effortless.

If there is no other access then there is a release mechanism which is attached to the handle or drilled into the panel as a key release mechanism with cable attachment.

Our View: from 35 years of experience...

We simply love traditional side hinged timber garage doors, along with timber gates. There is just something truly great about a well made set of hinged doors for any purpose.

Practically of course hinged doors are just great, easy to use, pedestrian access when required with just one leaf opening and full use of the space inside your garage as they swing outwards. Almost no maintenance required and a good solid and secure door when closed and locked.

Of course a good set of hardwood timber doors built to a decent specification is going to cost a lot compared to many other garage doors but if you have timber on your home already and simply love timber then these are the doors for you. Bespoke designs and sizes alone with bespoke furniture and locking are all offered and as mentioned above go for the factory finishing every time to ensure the best overall durability with the comfort of knowing all parts are treated during manufacturing.

Side hinged doors are a great garage door type for many reasons, but if you are going to go for traditional timber doors then only bother going for a high specification build and good quality timber, seasoned and sourced responsibly.

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