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High Performance Side Hinged

High Performance Side Hinged

High Performance Side Hinged





Electric Operation:

Manual or Electric


High Performance Insulated Double Skin Steel Side Hinged Doors

Prices Range:

£4,800 - £6,000

Do you need a garage door which principally offers the same levels of performance as your front entrance door and even higher?

As long as the floor is level and the right specification is used then we have hinged garage doors offering high levels of performance with certification to back up tested performance. Modern designs, excellent security ratings and high insulation performance in a made to measure doorset with window options available too.

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High Performance Side Hinged Door

High Performance Side Hinged Door

More and more garages are being used as another room for the house whether that is an office, a gym, storage, a workshop, and so on...Security is possible even more important than when there is a car in the garage when you consider what you might lose. 

Below is the standard specification if you are familiar with the numbers:

- U-Value (Insulation Level): 1.4 Wm2K

- Insulation (Thermal Transmittance): EN 13241-1 B: 1.4 Wm²K

- Resistance to Windload: EN 12424: Class 2

- Watertightness: EN 12425: Class 2

- Air Permability: EN 12426: Class 2

- Operating Forces: EN 12604: 150N

- Operating Cycles: EN1191 C5 (200,000)

- Security (now as standard): EN1627/30 RC2 or SEcured by Design, Police Preferred Specification. 


Expect to pay between £4,800 and £6,000 inc. VAT for a pair of insulated steel side hinged doors installed with all the furniture, fixing sub frame and a white finished colour included.

Smooth and textured front face surface finishes are offered for a different effect and the doors are perfect on traditional period properties or modern homes too, just depending on the colour choice and design.

This price would be for a made to measure door sizing and between around 2.2- 2.4m wide and 2 - 2.2m high, the general single garage size in the UK.
Side hinged doors are generally not available above about 3m wide for domestic use but we can offer solutions at and above this size if required.

EXTRAS: Windows, optional colours, external design elements, higher specification thresholds and even higher security locking systems and additional cladding or trimming will always drive the price up.
You also have options with this door on the frame fixing with a wraparound option to maximise the width and height dimensions, common in Europe but only just catching on in the UK. We are all used to the block type frame but for a garage door the corner and wraparound frame must be considered for maximum returns on the investment in these doors.

Always be aware of exactly what you are getting as a quoted finished job to compare like for like. These doors are exceptional and third party tested where in fact you might see a lot of security doors offered on the internet but if you push for certification there is none, they have simply used the word security but have no substance to back up the potential performance. 




There are 14 standard colours for the various ranges we offer as these replicate the colours available with sectional insulated doors.

It is possible to specify almost any RAL or BS standard colour at an additional cost if required to finish the door and frame as required.


Standard security on these doors is top end and certified too.

Security as standard: EN1627/30 RC2 or Secured by Design, Police Preferred Specification
2 bearing stainless steel 3D hinges per door leaf, DIN standard mortice lock with stainless steel lever handles and protective cylinder guard. Euro pro le security cylinder and thumb turn with 2no. restricted keys. Spring dampened door stays and top and bottom lever action flush bolts on double doors.
To ensure the security of the product when glazing elements are added to the door the door will be supplied with a key-key cylinder.


It really does not get much easier than a pair of side hinged doors with the biggest enemy perhaps being strong winds but we always include door stays on heavy side hinged doors unless you need extended opening past 90 degrees.

The security ratings for these doors are all based on manual operation so adding any form of automation would negate the certifications.

OUR VIEW: from 35 years of experience...

We love side hinged garage doors and so do so many customers too. These high performance doors are on a different level altogether and really offer peace of mind along with stunning looks and finish.

If you really do want peace of mind, durability, security and a tested product built in Germany to exacting standards then these are the doors for you.
Obviously side hinged doors are only really suitable for single width garages up to about 9 feet wide but that is most garages covered anyway.

Key points worth remembering:

- Made to measure to the millimetre as standard

- 62mm double skinned steel panel construction – commercial grade

- Sizes up to 3000mm wide and 2360mm high as standard, larger available on request

- Factory built and assembled for the fastest installation on site

- Options for the Sub frame shape and size which is always built with the door every time

- High quality hardware as standard with further options available

- Available as certified to EN1627/30 Level RC2

- High quality standard finishes and options for almost any colour

- Hold open stays as standard

Why not consider a pair of side hinged garage doors, especially if they are of a performance level and standard specification like these doors are? 

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