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Insulated Double Skin Steel Side Hinged

Insulated Double Skin Steel Side Hinged

Insulated Double Skin Steel Side Hinged





Electric Operation:

from £800 extra


Insulated Double Skin Steel Side Hinged Doors

Prices Range:

£2,400 - £4,000

The massive increase in the popularity of side hinged garage doors (swing doors) has led to developments in higher specification doors offering insulation, good security and generally a more durable door panel. More and more garages are being used as another room for the house whether that is an office, a gym, storage, a workshop, and so on…

If your garage is to be used for activities other than storing a vehicle then you probably access it on foot all the time, so side hinged doors make the most sense and are still one of the best garage door types because of their simplicity and flexibility in sizes and styles. The double skinned insulated hinged doors have generally developed using already tried and tested insulated sectional door panels. Different front face surface finishes and a wide range of high-quality solid colour and laminate woodgrain finishes all go towards being able to offer a very good door range for domestic use.

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Insulated Double Skin Steel Side Hinged

Insulated Double Skin Steel Side Hinged

These doors always have an outer frame which is usually aluminium or steel and with this rubber weather seals are built into the top and sides with higher quality doors offering various threshold options for the floor too.

Design elements, various window options, huge handle options including long designer handles and of course security upgrades all make these doors a perfect choice for your home, even if you use the garage for a car anyway.

Always be aware these are NOT front entrance doors but are very good all round hinged garage doors, the weakness on a garage is usually on the floor unless special attention has been given to the finish and level. If you want garage doors performing like your front entrance door then you need to look at our High Performance Side Hinged garage doors.


Expect to pay between £2,400 and £4,000 inc. VAT for a pair of insulated steel side hinged doors installed with all the furniture, fixing sub frame and a finished colour included.

Smooth and textured front face surface finishes are offered for a different effect and the doors are perfect on traditional period properties or modern homes too, just depending on the colour choice and design.

This price would be for a made to measure door sizing and between around 2.2- 2.4m wide and 2 - 2.2m high, the general single garage size in the UK. Side hinged doors are generally not available above about 3m wide for domestic use and that does become impractical anyway with the leaf size and swing radius.

EXTRAS: Windows, external design elements, higher specification thresholds and higher security locking systems and additional cladding or trimming will always drive the price up. 

Always be aware of exactly what you are gettings as a quoted finished job to compare like for like.




There are usually around 16 standard colours for the various ranges we offer as these replicate the colours available with sectional insulated doors. You also have woodgrain finishes in a tough laminate foil to the front face and there are several of these to choose from all with 10 year guarantees.

It is possible to specify almost any RAL colour at an additional cost if required


The security is very good as standard on these hinged doors as they incorporate a rebated edge closing of access to the gap between the frame and the door leaves and the locking is a deadlock system with the strength of the panels combining to give good overall resistance to attack. Enhanced security is available in the form of a three point locking system using hook latches as well as the deadlock.


It really does not get much easier than a pair of side hinged doors with the biggest enemy perhaps being strong winds but we always include door stays on heavy side hinged doors unless you need extended opening past 90 degrees.

Side hinged doors can be made automatic using various methods but usually for a single garage door we would be using a good quality boom type operator and a hinge door adapter kit.

The ceiling mounted electric operator has all the safety and features of a sectional or up and over garage door operator but pushes and pulls the door leaves in and out with a steel rod adapter. Remote control and other access controls all available for convenience and security.

OUR VIEW: from 35 years of experience...

We love side hinged garage doors and so do so many customers too. Easy to use, easy to maintain and perfect for easy regular access on foot which is so common these days with how garages are being used.

The development of various insulated steel double skinned doors has been quick in the UK and the quality is generally very high with some dubious offerings on the market more recently rushed through to try to catch some of the demand. The established brands and models have been perfected over the years to now be a great long lasting door type to consider on any single garage.

Obviously side hinged doors are only really suitable for single width garages up to about 9 feet wide but that is most garages covered anyway.

Key points worth remembering:

* Made to measure as standard
* Built in weatherseals to optimise weather resistance
* Enhanced bottom thresholds available if you need to be closer to a front door specification
* Insulated panels
* Great security
* Easy Operation
* Great choice of designs and colours
* Traditional designs available for period properties
* Manual or Electric operation
* 1/3rd and 2/3rd split for easy pedestrian use if required.
* Minimal maintenance

Why not consider a pair of side hinged garage doors, especially if they are insulated?

If you want the nearest specification and maybe even some certification to have hinged doors with performance like a front door then you may need to take a look at our High performance Side Hinged garage doors offering more insulation, security and weathersealing than the standard insulated doors.

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