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Q:What are the best garage doors for security?

There are quite a few now available, all mostly tried and tested by independent testing specialists to certificate and endorse.
Security is often top of the list or very high on the agenda for a lot of people looking for a new garage door. Even when the car is not inside as in most cases it seems the point is that there is a lot of expensive equipment usually collected inside a garage and of course in the case of an integral garage there is often easy access into the main house itself with a lot of time available hidden behind the garage door to work on breaking through the internal door.

So what are the best garage doors for security?
Many companies may boast they have this lock and that locking system but some doors just don't have the initial panel strength to make the locking much use and the panel can be bent easily in a corner to gain access so one of the starting points for a secure garage door is a strong, well built door panel, or panels.
How the door is actually secured to the garage structure will also have a massive bearing on whether the final result is secure or not.

For the best in security when security really is the single most important factor then look at these doors as they are the only ones currently 'secured by design' or very secure indeed from our experience in the UK.

Seceuroglide Excel - Electric aluminium roller door with level 1 'secured by design' rating
Garador Guardian - Steel Up and Over level 1 'secured by design' doors
Carteck GSW 40 - Insulated sectional doors with a certified german security rating
Hormann LPU40 - Insulated sectional doors with secured by design approval on a certain specification
Carteck GSW40 - Side Hinged insulated garage doors with the optional 3 point locking are very secure.

There are certain criteria specified to ensure the doors mentioned above are compliant with their secured by design rating and we can help you with this.

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